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  • Hephzi Mars

Can You!?

You knew this was gonna happen, didn’t you Father?!

All this pain,

Every migrant who had to walk home.

Every child who was stuck home with the abuser,

Every panic attack in the heart of all mankind.

You knew, and yet you let it happen.

You knew about the deaths,

About the selfish plundering of the wealthy,

About the hunger of the daily wagers’ family,

About the marginalized struggling while the rich stayed home safe.

You knew, and yet you let it happen.

With a heavy sigh, He replies,

I hear no anger in his voice, only sorrow,

My Father, who owns the heavens and the earth.

Yes, I knew.

2000 years ago,

I knew they would pierce my son with nails,

I knew how fast his heart would beat during the last moments,

I knew how humiliated he would feel, half naked in front of his own creation,

I knew how sharp the spear that tore his side would be,

I knew how much anguish his soul would have to bear,

I knew, and yet I let it happen.

There is purpose in pain child…

Yes, I didn’t cause the destruction,

But I have allowed it.

And yes, you do not understand why I don’t swoop in to save the affected,

But remember, I am still in control.

Maybe you were made for such a time as this,

To stand in the doorway and plead for your people,

To reach out and help the unfortunate,

To feed the hungry, clothe the naked and seek the lost.


Maybe you can be the light this world needs right now?!

You are the light of the world.

Matthew 5:14 NIV

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