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  • Hephzi Mars

Ain’t no friend like Jesus!

If there’s anything that life’s struggles teach us,

It’s that people change.

People we counted on,

People we believed in,

With all our hearts and hopes.

But, in the darkest background of life’s pain,

Blooms the sweetest fellowship with Christ.

In my highest and my lowest points,

Jesus stood by me.

In my deepest shame and greatest successes,

Jesus stood by me.

In my pity parties and self actualization moments,

Jesus stood by me.

When I left the Father’s house as the Prodigal child,

Jesus stood by me.

When I came back home, feeling worthless and worn out,

Jesus stood by me.

When I walked through storms and sunshines,

Jesus stood by me.

No matter what life throws my way,

One thing I can always say –

I’ve got Jesus, and He’s here to stay.

Matthew 28:20 (Jesus said)…. And surely I am with you always to the very end of age. (Emphasis added).

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