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Hey there!

I am a Social Media Manager & Consultant who helps individuals and brands to gain clarity on their goals and / or set up a realistic social media strategy for them.

If you are ready to take your social media to the next level, send me an email now!


Social Media Management

  • Set and / or manage up a new social media account on Instagram or Facebook

  • Create content strategy

  • Create the post and the captions (Copy writing)

  • Schedule and publish posts

  • Analyse post insights and change strategy accordingly

Social Media Strategy
  • Asses the social media goals of the brand

  • Create a realistic content strategy for 1 - 3 months

Social Media Audit
  • Analysing the existing account for error and areas of improvement on Instagram or Facebook

Social Media Consultation

  • One-on-one call to discuss any queries with setting / managing up a social media account

  • One-on-one call to discuss any queries with online marketing options available.

Poster Designing
  • Designing the poster for an event / campaign / social media post

  • Single page poster, multi page posters, brochures and pamphlets done

  • Based on your brand values and objectives, we would design your

    • Brand logo​

    • Brand colors

    • Brand font

    • Brand merchandise 

    • Brand accessories

Clarity / Coaching Call
  • One-on-one call to gain clarity on business or personal improvement, set realistic goals and to avail an accountability partner on follow-up. 

  • Who would benefit from this? -

    • Any freelancer, small business owner / aspiring small business owner or freelancer who does not know where / how to start

    • Any small business / brand that wants to enter and leverage the online world  by identifying areas of improvement for better visibility and engagement.

    • Anyone with a dream and several ideas, but lacking clarity on the execution to make the dream a reality

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