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  • Hephzi Mars


No time to sit down with God and discuss our case, Seems to have crossed the point of No return, The healing process is not even looked on with hope. So we put frosting on it, Pink and Yellow and we cover it up with a beautiful red cherry on top.

The prime purpose of a cake is not to look good, But that it be tasty to be eaten. Are you a spoiled cake with frosting and cherry on top, Or do you have really good stuff on the inside too!? Take time to heal.

Maybe that’s what you need most.

“You” are more important than what you do, “You” are more important than how much money you make. “You” are more important than how many souls you save. Step aside from the rat race.

Take a deep breath. Heal. Begin to thrive and not just survive. God is waiting to heal you.

Mark 6:31bJesus said, “Come with me by yourselves and get some rest”

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