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  • Hephzi Mars

Lose it or Use it

The boat seems like the best bet,

But the waters are calling to me,

With a wink and a whirl,

They entice me of all the wonderful ways I can walk with God.

The storm is scary,

The sun is still sleeping,

But I hear my Saviour say, "Come",

And I wonder if the waves would swallow me whole.

When walking on water becomes the way of life,

The boat feels too basic and boring.

Yes, the waters were not meant to be walked on,

But then I have a choice to make.

Do I stay safe in the boat,

Knowing nothing of the miraculous way of living?

Or do I trust the one who made the waters,

And pursue my purpose?

He is Lord of the waters too afterall,

Won't he be able to keep me from drowning?

And even if I do slip a little,

Is he not strong enough to save me?

So, here I am taking only one step at a time,

Focusing on my saviour everytime the waves splash over me.

Soon I'd be far away from the boat, 🚢

But so close to my Saviour.

Oh my soul!

Ain't that worth every fear, foe and fight.

"Well done, my good and faithful child",

Will surely be the words I'd hear when I reach heavens gate at the edge of those waters.

For if you let your life go for my sake and for the sake of the gospel, you will continually experience true life. But if you choose to keep your life for yourself, you will forfeit what you try to keep. For what use is it to gain all the wealth and power of this world, with everything it could offer you, at the cost of your own life?

Mark 8:35‭-‬36 TPT

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