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  • Hephzi Mars

Give Grace to Yourself

“Give grace to yourself,

To the parts of you that still hurt,

To the parts that still need time to heal,

To those flaws you can’t seem to overlook,

To those failures that seem to never give up on you,

My dear, Give grace to yourself.

You give so freely to everyone who crosses your path,

Somehow you find it hard to give grace to yourself.

It doesn’t mean you are being lenient,

Give grace to yourself.

In the moments you feel like you have fallen again,

And disappointment looms over you like a dark cloud,

Take a deep breath and give grace to yourself.

Even then,

If you cannot find the strength to give grace to yourself,

Lean on me,

For my Grace is sufficient for all that you will ever need.”

Says my Saviour filled with Grace.

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