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  • Hephzi Mars

Feel Free.

When you have waited long enough,

Carried the burden long enough,

You might come to a point –

A point where you wonder if all that you have done so far is worth it,

A point where you choose between settling or striving.

If ever you have to come to that point,

Remember this,

Include God in the process.

Include God in the process of figuring out the confusion in your mind, and the weariness of your heart.

You got a pros and cons argument? – take it to Him,

Your anger, your disappointment, your tears – take it to Him,

And sometimes, the only thing He might say is “Trust me”.

But if there’s anything I know about God,

He is worth the Trust, the uncertainties, the chaos and the confusion.

Tell Him,

Tell Him that you are tired,

Tell Him you can’t go on anymore,

Tell Him all the thoughts that keep you up at night.

I can not assure you what He would answer,

But I can assure you of this – He is good.

He is the best in the world.

And ya, He can handle you freaking out.

So feel free to break loose in His arms.

Everything’s falling apart on me, God; put me together again with your Word.

Psalm 119:107 MSG

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