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  • Hephzi Mars


Standing at crossroads,

I am bewildered!

Oh, how I wish someone would make this decision for me,

Shall I pick the one that’s all success with bold letters,


Shall I pick the one where my soul gets to breath, where my calling can come to life, and my purpose not perish.

The solid ground will keep me stable,

But when I reach the gates of Heaven, would I not regret settling for safe?!

No Apostle settled for safe,

No Missionary settled for safe.

The one who loses his life, finds it safe,

While the one who holds on to his, losses it.

Oh My, Oh My!

The storm in my heart wont stop raging,

Until the blessed Lord would awaken and whisper Peace over me.

Follow me said He,

To fishermen folks,

Follow me, said He,

To the rich man too,

Follow me he still says,

To the world today,

What do I do!?

My Lord, What do I do!?

Psalm 34:10

The Lions may grow weak and hungry,

But those who seek the Lord, lack no good thing.

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